About C-318

**Having not received a royal recommendation from the Trudeau government, Bill C-318 was dropped from the Order Paper on April 30, 2024. Read the final update here.**

While all families are deserving of equal access to leave benefits, adoptive and intended parents are at a disadvantage under Canada’s current parental benefit system.

Bill C-318 changes that. It delivers parity for families formed through adoption and surrogacy.

C-318 creates a new 15-week benefit for adoptive and intended parents through the Employment Insurance program and adjusts leave entitlement provisions in the Canada Labour Code.

Up to 15 weeks of additional leave, gives the opportunity for a parent to stay home to care for their child, to bond and to form healthy attachments within the critical first year of their life or placement in a family.

C-318 also recognizes the unique needs and complexities of attachment for adoptive families. By better supporting healthy attachments, it will help improve long-term outcomes and strengthen families.

The Trudeau government has long promised to deliver 15 additional weeks of parental leave for adoptive families, but they have repeatedly failed to deliver on that promise.

Time is truly a precious commodity, let’s give adoptive and intended parents the time they deserve with their child.


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Introduction of Bill C-318 

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